I needed inspiration. I needed something to grab me and make me push to improve in both life and love. I’ve found it. Music.

I have always kind of said ‘music saved my life’, which it did i guess, but i feel like it’s done more than that. It’s managed to break down the thick walls that i put up to protect my mind which does it’s job over-time. It makes me feel alive again and makes me happy. In times of loneliness or vulnerability, it is always there to catch me.

I only say such cringey things because lately I’ve felt so worthless and unmotivated to get better but I was bought a CD that has started to turn things around a little. It’s Adele’s CD ‘25′ and it’s amazing.

At first I only listened to one or two songs and thought it was good but when i listened to them all, i realised how talented and inspirational Adele is! Not only is her voice surreal, but to write such amazing music and perform it so amazingly just gives me so much inspiration.

I hope one day i can write music even slightly as great as hers. Maybe right now i should focus on getting my head straight and passing my degree but as soon as I’m well enough, I want to write an album.

I hope i wasn’t too cringey and thank you if you read this far. I think the thing to take from this is that anything someone enjoys (it doesn’t have be music) can get them through a difficult time in their lives. Just keep at it and it will get better.