Music and Depression

This story is written by Cassie B. Please go and check her amazing tumblr as well!

A short time ago, I had bad depression. I was constantly beating myself up about every little thing in my life. I was bullied and not many people appreciated my presence. This hurt me so after a while I was thinking back on what everyone had said to and about me and it made me feel worthless. I went through a period of about two years when I was mad at myself, hated everything about me, and I even tried uncountable times to end my life. But then I got into music and it changed my thoughts. Most music talked about how being different is ok, others said that everyone who hates on who you are… The only reason is because they are jealous of who you are and of who they aren’t. Since then, I listen to music constantly and it has literally saved my life! Without artists like Brendan Urie from Panic! At the Disco, Evanescence, and so many more… I wouldn’t be here to share my experience. I do still occasionally have thoughts of “you’re not good enough” or “nobody cares” but then I go back to the music and I remember that I do have a meaning in the world.