Music can change you

Music is the most amazing thing.
Music can make you laugh, cry, remember some moments of life, create new memories and even save you.
I used to laugh at those who say that music saved their lives. But as it turned out, it’s true. I realized it only when I’ve passed through this.
One day came a time when I realized that I had no friends, and those who called themselves the “friend” were just a fake. And there were those who just hate me, and thy  didn’t hide it.
And when I realized that I have no one, I closed in itself. At one point, I took my headphones and start listening music song, second, third … I was listening to music of different styles: rock, rap, country, jazz, pop … I woke up, took a shower, cooked , I walked, went to bed .. all this I did with the music.
And every day I felt  easier, I started working on myself, I started loving myself… Now I’m 19 and I can’t imagine my life without music. It’s like a drug for me ..
I can describe all that long, but it’s unlikely you will understand me. You nee to feel it. You need to go through this.
Music is able to change you. That’s all I wanna say.