Music Helps Me Escape From Reality I Live In

It has kept me going even when I wanted to quit. I started a new school last year and that was really hard to me. This school that I’m going to is 60% online and 40% in class (its a different school. a college prep school). I’m a introvert and everyone there is extroverted. I felt so out of place. Alone. Scared. I was the outcast again. Pretty much from preschool until sixth grade, I was bullied. Then in 7th grade I went had a bunch of medical issues that are hard to explain, and I was out of school the entire year. We never did find out what was going on with me, and we thought that this new school would have been better for me. Starting this new school, I discovered all these bands. My love for music grew. I may struggle everyday with things, but I know that music will always get me through it. Stay lovelies! xx

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