Music, man.

I’m having such a music-got-me-in-my-feels kinda day. Today didn’t start that well. And then I listened to Fearless and Speak Now while riding the train, these two just have been my go-to pick me up albums since they have existed.

And in the evening I listened to Revival and then Blue Neighbourhood. And you know sometimes certain music can take you back to certain parts of your life. And just when I was going through a rough patch, I had these two albums on my playlist constantly, along with 1989.

And now it’s past midnight and I’m listening to Lana Del Rey, everything from her old unreleased collection to Lust for Life. I just love that some artists I have known for so long (like Lana and Taylor), that every piece of music has some memory linked to it.

Music is an amazing, wonderful thing.