Music saved my life

Too many people think that when someone says that “music saved my life”, that it’s over exaggerating. I think that thinking it’s over exaggerating is a ridiculous statement in itself. Music is such a great power, and no one knows how much it can impact someone. It doesn’t even have to be a certain type for it to impact someone. If listening to Beyoncé and dancing crazily makes you feel happy and like you’re a strong independent person, then that’s an impact. If listening to Fifth Harmony makes you feel self confident and love yourself, that’s an impact. If listening to The Beatles brings you through a sense of euphoria and realize that it was a simpler time, that’s an impact. If listening to pop rock makes you realize that you’re not the only one who feels a certain way, then that’s an impact. Long story short, music impacts everyone in such different ways.

When someone says that music has saved them, it has saved them from a bad friendship, from heartbreak, from a traumatic event, from a loss, from even feeling lost within yourself, and more. Hearing the lyrics that explain exactly how you feel is so relieving, and hearing the lyrics that reassure you that you will be okay is even more relieving. Everyone has that one song that they turn to whenever they need it because they know it will enhance their mood. You don’t even need to have something bad happen to you or feel like you’re in a bad mood for music to save you, music also has the ability to restore your faith and look at things in a new or better way.
I think when artists know that their music is impacting someone in someway, that’s when it leaves them feeling great knowing that they have the power to help someone. I’m not an artist, but there have been a few times where I took the time to learn specific songs on the piano for my best friend and I’ve called her and sang it for her, or I’ve sent her the recordings. It’s a little gesture but I’m sure it made her happy and affected her in some way. It’s literal little things that music does that can help anyone in some way. You may not know how much that song someone’s singing to themselves may mean to them, or how them full out dancing to that Rihanna song makes them feel like a queen within themselves, and that’s okay. As long as they know than that’s what’s important. Music does save people, and no one can ever doubt or ridicule that.