Music Saves

The above title is so cliche I know. I also  know that as cliche as it is, there has never been a truer statement. It has saved me. I have been through so much in my short life. Sexual abuse, deaths, heart ache, tragedy. I think life has tried throw everything it could at me. Life is a challenge I have accepted and I intend on winning!  As I sit here composing this blog I can’t say that through each challenge I did not have dark times that I had to go through to heal and process the things that were happening. I have been to the depth of some really dark places. Music saved me from myself, music saved my sanity. Music healed my heart. Music healed my soul. Music for me is like that blankie that you have a child that you keep your entire life because just knowing it is there is comforting. Knowing that when you faces challenges in life you call pull it out and wrap yourself in it and for a moment all the world is right again. Well my blankie is music. It is comforting knowing it is there. When I have faced and face challenges in my life I wrap myself in it and for a moment all the world is right again. I think in life there are going to be challenging times. We all have them and we all face our own demons and battle our own individual battles. We all need something we can turn to in our darkest hour something to help us through. When I face a challenging time I turn to music either by listening to it, by singing, or by writing myself.  I can sit her and honestly say that it it were not for music or something musical I would not be sitting here right now creating this blog. I am a strong person but even the strongest people are sometimes faced with things they cannot get through on strength alone. Needing something to help in some of life’s challenges is not a sign of weakness it is a sign of strength in knowing you are not made of steel and then even some of the strongest things in the world need a little assist from something. So thank you music for saving me in the times I needed saving.