Music Saves Lives

Music. It is controversial, eternal, and universal. It spreads love, inspires ideas and expresses emotions that people simply cannot put into words. As it stands, I believe… No, I know, that music saves lives; and it has absolutely saved mine. 

Music has gotten me through my darkest days, helped me cope with the deaths of people I love, and enlightened my soul. Throughout the short life I’ve lived, realizing that relating to music was easier than relating to people didn’t come as a shock to me while in middle school and high school. There is one part of the world of music that has become quite fond to me simply because of how much the artists love their fans and the messages they send through their music. This would be the genres of metal-core, hard rock, post-hardcore, alternative, and many more. For my music taste is all over the place. Focusing on the mainly hardcore music people like Oliver Sykes (the lead singer of Bring Me the Horizon) and Austin Carlile of “Of Mice & Men” are two of the people and bands whose music has helped me get through many things in my life. Their lyrics are very true to what they have been through in their lives and are the kind of words and phrases people get tattooed on their bodies, simply because they give people hope that things will get better one day. The reason I say this is because generally people who listen to this kind of music have been through a lot of tough times in their lives and fought things like depression, self-harm, broken homes, bullying and many more serious issues. To these people, the fans of all these bands, it’s a lot more than it seems to someone who isn’t into it. To us its more than just music, it’s more than just a band, its more than just a loud concert in a dirty, hole-in-the-wall venue that smells like decaying materials. This is a community of people coming together to be a part of something more, something much more massive than you and me. We come together at these concerts and festivals of ours and we are all friends, it’s a place where you aren’t judged for what your appearance is, how you talk or who your friends are. It’s a family founded on one common thread. We share the same heroes; most teenagers’ heroes wear capes and have super powers, ours have tattoos and sing. The music is part of our hearts; we cry at concerts, while meeting them spill out or life stories as they give us hugs.

These bands may look scary at first sight but in reality they’re the most compassionate and loving people I’ve ever known. They relate to their fans in a way never seen before. Touching hearts and making people like me believe that everything will be ok. That is why I believe that music saves lives.


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