Music Saves Lives

I went through a lot of depression last year. I felt alone and worthless, like no one would notice if I disappeared or even died. I joined this Amino community one day, looking for people to talk to because I was lonely and literally had no friends in the real world. This one kid always spoke about this band called Twenty-One Pilots. I decided to look them up after a while. The first song I listened to was Doubt, one of their tracks off of their album Blurryface. I didn’t feel that anxiety or the feeling of hopelessness. That song grabbed me, telling me that I was not the only one feeling insecure and worthless. One day I was listening to Trees and I found the one band that I listened to when I was younger, a band called My Chemical Romance. I understood the lyrics so much better because I had my own experience dealing with similar things. I didn’t feel crazy, like I belonged in the nut house. Okay, maybe I did and still do, but it isn’t as bad now. Whenever I feel alone, scared or worthless, I’ll listen to music. Music has changed my view on so many things, it’s ridiculous. But one thing that I’ve realized, is that music saves lives. I realized this when joining the fan fiction site Quotev and gained some ‘emo’ and ‘punk’ friends. I found out that they felt the same way when listening to music that they preferred. Man, this is one jumbled post, but hey, I tried.