Music Saves Lives.

I’m a writer. I always have been, and I always will be. I love movies and art and entertainment, but above all of that, I love music. I live for it, and I feel it. It brings symptoms of nostalgia and sadness and heartbreak to the table, even if you feel nostalgic over things that haven’t even happened to you yet. In times of distress and hopelessness, however, music is there. Music is the little voice that gets inside your head to remind you that you still have something to fight for, even if the actual voice inside your head is telling you to give up. I won’t lie to any of you who happen to be reading this; if music did not exist, and if I didn’t have an artist (or artists) to love and respect and admire, I probably wouldn’t be here right now. I wouldn’t have given college or cosmetology school a second glance because my depression would not allow me to, but music gave that chance back to me. It was my medicine before I started taking actual medicine to help me cope with what was going on in my life 3-4 years ago, and it’s always going to be there in times of much-needed comfort.
With that being said, it also bothers me that people feel like it’s okay to pick on you for the kind of music you enjoy. I’ve loved One Direction since I was fifteen years old, when things started heading south for me. I watched the music video to “What Makes You Beautiful” after a bunch of my friends bugged me about it, and I instantly feel in love with this group of five boys from the UK. Just seeing a picture of them or watching them in interviews made me smile, and they were there during the loneliest I’ve ever been in my life; when I was contemplating even living at all. I’ve been through so much with these boys, as well as the friends I’ve made because of them, and they still make me happy to this day. Even having been through all of that, there have been (and still are) other artists and other genres that I listen to on the daily. Yes, I listen to Top 40’s music, but I’m also deeply in love with indie music, alt-rock, hip-hop, rap, acoustic, 80’s tunes, etc. The list literally does not end. To essentially be bullied for liking a band that makes people like me happy (and makes more money than most human beings will ever see) is completely childish as well as ignorant. I can’t stand Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift for my own reasons, but only a literal idiot would be able to deny the unreal amount of talent they both possess. Regardless of my personal opinions on them, their music is catchy and they’re selling out stadiums every year.
This post has become a lot longer than I initially intended it to be, but here’s the gist of what I’ve been trying to say: music is like medicine; it has the power to make you feel better, and it has the power to save your life if you need it to, and if you let it. It has definitely saved mine. Don’t listen to anyone who thinks it’s funny to make fun of the music that gets you through each day, because their comments truly do not matter. YOU matter, and being the best version of you matters.