Music saves my life everyday

Music saves my life everyday. Maybe everyone says something like this but bands like Arctic Monkeys, The 1975, The Neighbourhood or musicians like Tom Odell help me, they make me feel better. Because of this wonderful people I know there’s a reason to be there on earth. It’s not like I was thinking about suicide it was just the fact that I felt so senseless, it seemed like no one needed me. Things just happen to you. And you know, you start feeling bad and depressed. It gets worse and worse until you can’t handle with it anymore especially when there’s no one to be here for you, because no one understands.

But there’s music and music saves you, it makes you smile when you can’t, it forces you to feel better even if you don’t want to. Strangers who become the most important people in your life give you reason to be happy.

I don’t care if no one understands how glad I am to have music. The people who laugh at me because of my ‘strange’ taste can’t even imagine how happy I am with the bands wich will never now I exist. But being there, listening to their music, being at their concerts is the best feeling I can have. Music is the only thing that makes me feel alive and happy!

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