Music saves

Look, it sounds cliched but there has been music in my life that has saved me from some of my darkest times. I dont talk about it too much but there was a point in my life where a family tragedy basically forced me into living on my own and for half a year I lived by the good grace of friend’s couches, but before that I stayed in the house I grew up in, the house my family lived in, all alone for three months and when you have to wake up on Christmas morning with presents under the tree and no one there and no one to turn to, it was listening to music like Stone Temple Pilots and David Bowie that taught me that some people lived through horrible things and yet somehow enacted the greatest of revenge: they wrote a song about it. And no matter how much something may have hurt you in the past, if you can set it to music then you’ve won. The scar may still sear at times but you conquered it. So listening to this stuff is not just important for the feeling of empathy, of shared experience, it’s a living testament that people, even the weird ones, especially the weird ones, can triumph over their setbacks and even if it’s a few steps forward and then some stumbling back, you know that those initial steps were taken, that somebody was there, that you can be too.