Music: The Social Concept

Song: Dope

I don’t want to speak about a certain song, even though i wrote it down. I went through a period of my life where everything was going bad and i thought of giving up. It was a time when i was questioning my sexuality, and just who i am. Then i came across music. My genre is not a common one and brings controversy to me and it but its the one thing that got me through the nights staring at the ceiling wishing to go and the days when i felt numb and dead inside. Music was the thing that showed me its better to just be me than to be what others want and music was the thing that showed me that love isn’t the world. Music, even though i couldn’t play it and couldn’t sing along, almost seemed to breath life into me and urged me to become better and stronger when nothing else could. At times when people couldn’t understand what was going on, music could and i was able to sympathise more with lyrics i couldn’t understand than to actual people. So i am so thankful to music for not just being something for me to listen to, but for it being a lifeline, a rope to pull me out of the dark abyss. So thank you music.