My Chemical Romance

Again a year has gone by and again it’s March 22, marking 4 years of MCR’s break up. Yes we may shed a few tears or parade in our MCR merch, or even listen to MCR music all day. Or just do all three. This band saved my life and probably many of yours, it brought us happiness even if for a few minutes. And every year on this day, I’m glad to see it trending on tumblr, it just reminds me that us killjoys are still out there. It shows that MCR will live and be passed down and will be discovered again and again, it’ll probably save many other lives. Though the chance of MCR getting back together is small and will bring me joy, yet I’m fine that they aren’t still together. Because it’ll nearly killed them, they weren’t happy, especially Gerard. I know that them splitting up was good and made them better and healthier. Now they’re doing what they want and it makes them happy, and that’s what matters. Their music still thrives in all of us and will in others. They saved me and I will forever thank them.