My Chemical Romance.

A friend asked me whose concert I would go to.

And instantly, I thought of My Chemical Romance immediately.

They are still my favourite band till this day.

Because I can honestly say this. Their music saved my life.

I still remember back when I was a still in high school. That was one of the hardest times in my life.

I was an odd one out. I didn’t conform. I wasn’t like the others.

So I was mocked, made fun of and etc.

And I remember finding My Chemical Romance albums.

I remembered playing their songs every day. Every day, I turned the volume out and drowned out the world.

It didn’t solve my problems. But it made me felt less alone. It said the things I couldn’t say. In a way, it was my sanctuary.

The one band that I felt understood me.

I was rather suicidal. But their music gave me just enough courage not to cross the line. So I stood. And lived every day. And breathe.

Their songs just gave me enough courage to breathe another day.

And I am so thankful for them.

I remember being super excited when danger days came out. I was one of the fans who also love that album. Even though they changed their music style, I enjoyed it. And like usual, their music always managed to touch me.

I was that fan that still defended them when other fans were mad at their new style.

I also remembered the day they disbanded. It broke my heart. My favourite band, gone. forever. No more great music from them. I nearly cried because I just couldn’t take it.

But honestly, I saw it coming. I knew they were going to disband. I could tell from their radio silence. I could tell from them releasing tracks from old albums that never made the cut to the real ones. I could tell from the way they were just behaving.

But I was still heartbroken nonetheless.

And they will still be my favourite band. For all they have done for me. For their music they sang out to me and cradled me as I cried in tears, afraid and alone.

So yes. I will go to a My Chemical Romance concert if they ever decide to have one again.

Ps, I have never been to their concert. But I know I will cry if I do.