My favorite band is what keeps me going

I stay up late because I don’t want to sleep even through I’m tired and bored.
I get up late because I have no motivation to do anything even tough there’s enough to do.
When did live become so worthless?

There is not much left that keeps me going.
Most importantly the music of my favorite band and the people behind it.
They’re the only ones who could take away this sadness and loneliness. The only ones who could bring back joy and happiness.
I am so incredible thankful for this.
Their music touches me in a way nothing else ever could.
I would have never imagined that I could be affected that much by music or people I don’t even actually know. I can’t stand not seeing them live or not talking to them or not being a part of their lives. I miss them everyday.
But even though it is one-sided love it’s enough love to keep going on.
Thank you Tristan,Jamie, Sam, Roland, Jimmy and everyone else who is somehow part of Counterfeit.
I’d love to be part of your life’s and give something back to you because you helped me so much, I owe this to you.
You changed my life.