my first era

the blurryface era is officially over. i was first introduced to twenty one pilots in november of 2015. i started listening to them a lot somewhere between january-march of 2016. The summer of 2016 I started considering myself a part of the clique and my love of this band and their music has only grown. They’e helped me through some of the hardest things I’ve experienced so far and I know they’ll be there for whatever is yet to come. My first era is over now, and I am so thankful that two boys from ohio decided to make music, never gave up, and that I somehow discovered them and their amazing fans. This band has given me so much more than just music, it has saved my life, and helped me to connect with so many of my friends. I’m just so grateful for everything this band has given me. No matter what they may have in store, they’ve given all of us so much and I’m so so thankful to them.