My heart hurts…

So my sister and mom both bashed Jon Bon Jovi. First it was based on his looks. How he wasn’t good looking and whatever the fuck else they think. That he’s disgusting and whatnot.

And then my sister starts bashing on Bon Jovi’s music. Like what the fuck? I never fucking bash on their music. I respect it even though I would never listen to fucking Drake or Nicki Minaj or Enrique Iglesias or fucking Gloria Trevi or whoever the hell else. I sit and I listen to the fucking music while in the car because I don’t want to be rude.

But this is every damn time I put on one of my Bon Jovi DVDs or CDs. They always have something to say. Do they not realize what their music has done for me? Especially most recently.

They fucking saved my life. They literally fucking SAVED MY LIFE.

But I can’t tell anyone that. I can’t fucking tell anyone that while I was so done with the whole entire world and my fucked up life, punishing myself in the worst way possible, the moment “Because We Can” came on, it stopped me in my tracks. It literally made me freeze. I have never cried so hard in my entire life. Like it was to the point where my heart hurt. It was as if he was telling me that I wasn’t alone and that they were right there for me.

I’m seriously starting to wonder about my worth here in this world. The fact that I find comfort in someone who doesn’t even know I exist rather than the very people I live with is sad. But it’s the honest truth.

And to hear them be bashed by my mother and sister just makes me hate my life even more. How much more can I take? How much more?

Fuck. I’m so fucking done. I’m just so fucking done.

And I’ve seen the hate I get on here for liking Bon Jovi. I get it a lot in my asks. And I ignore them but…FUCK YOU ANONYMOUS TWATS.

Bon Jovi has helped me with my struggle lately and if you can’t accept the fact that I love this band…then I’m sorry.

I’m just so tired of people bashing on my band left and right.

Why are people so mean? And why do I let it get to me? And why is it always fucking me that gets screwed over in my house?