My Heroes

Andy taught me to not give a fuck what people think & to follow my dreams.

Gerard showed me it’s okay to not be okay sometimes.

Vic made me stronger by teaching me to face my problems & not let anything get me down.

Kellin made me see, that hurting myself only made things worse.

Derek understood when nobody else did & let me cry when I needed it most.

Alex knew how to fix every broken heart.

Brendon was there to fuel my crazy when I needed some fun & always knew how to make me laugh.

Jeremy 13 helped me find healthy ways to handle my rage.

These guys saved me. They were always there for me, never let me down, always knew how to make me feel better & protected me when I needed it the most. They saved me from myself when nobody else could. They taught me everything I know, they made me who I am, their music made me who I am.

& for that I will always be grateful