My inner conversation

I hate to see my heart break.

We all hate to get hurt or disappointed. We lose our faith in people and the good for a while. It’s nearly impossible to describe the feelings and thoughts that are running through our heart and mind. We isolate ourselves because all those noises are forcing a headache and every step done towards the next day makes us more and more tired.

The soul splits into two different personalities that constantly fight against each other. One side wants to stay positive and look forward while the other can’t even think about a tomorrow. You really can feel your heart break while the heart itself can’t actually break. During that time it’s okay to step back and take care of yourself, because how were you to know?

Love happens all the time
To people who aren’t kind
And heroes who are blind
Expecting perfect scripted movie scenes
Who wants an awkward silent mystery?

It’s okay to feel hurt and hopeless for a little while, because if you accept the dark days you will be able to appreciate the sun even more. You can only be honest with yourself if you accept every emotion you feel.

It’s okay to feel betrayed, because life never seems fair to good people.

It’s okay for being angry and mean for a while, because no heart wants to be mean all the time.

It’s okay to be disappointed, because no one deserves to get hurt even if it happens to us all the time.

For all the air that’s in your lungs
For all the joy that is to come
For all the things that you’re alive to feel
Just let the pain remind you hearts can heal

All this pain will teach you that you can survive and that your heart can heal. Good things will happen and the sun will start shining for you again. You can be the person you want to be and give the love you have to offer. You will be able to take care again, not only for yourself but for others too. You will be remembered that the most important things in life are the relationships you have with other people and how you treat and love them, but for now it’s okay to be not okay.