My Life As A Playlist (Part 1)

“We are  the world 25 for Haiti “ – Originally by Michael Jackson
This song I wish can be our graduation song instead of “Hail to our colors”. This song helps me when I was down for the count and fighting the good fight. On days where I called myself a waste of space this song brought me up to say “No, you’re not. You are the future of this great nation and you will make a difference in the world. Keep your head up and prove everyone that ever doubts you wrong.”  You can say this song can be my ride or die pal. Until I make a difference in this world and put my mark as a women of change.

“Get up Stand up “- Bob Marley
Growing up I was a very shy girl. I never stood up for myself and spoke my mind. I was raised to only talk when being talked to and don’t cause trouble. This got to the point where even when I spoke out it was if I was surrounded by sound proof glass and no one could hear me. I could say anything but I was ant in the field of giants. It was the words to this song where I found my voice it broke my silence. Now no one can stifle me.

“I’ll be missing you”- Puff Daddy, ft. 112 & Faith Evans
This song will keep the memory of my grandfather and my uncle that passed away suddenly. Not a day goes by where I don’t think of them and this song expresses my true feelings that I didn’t show around my family. They were such a big part of my life that now it feels like there is a gaping hole.

“One more road to cross”- Dmx
This song is my whole senior year in one experience. It’s what kept me from giving up and just dropping out of school.Instead of thinking of it being only a few weeks left I always took it as one day. one more challenge and one more success story. Life seems like a game were the wrong move can end the game forever.