My Music

Music is my happy place, my sanctuary, my escape, my fun.
With music I sing, my feet can’t help but move to the beat,
the sounds of everything around me, becomes music.
With eyes closed and headphones turned up, I am transported.

I can ride a crazy train or become a jukebox hero.

So many genres to listen to.
So many genres to explore.
So many genres to love.
So many genres, I want more.

I listen to all at least once, in case it becomes my music.

If the song makes me want to dance with somebody like Whitney Houston,
If the song says all I have to do is dream with the suave Everly Brothers,
If a song creates a longing for the rains down in Africa,
If a song speaks to me ears with a foreign language then there is a chance

A chance it becomes my music.

My music protects me when my heart is downtrodden.
It walks me to school and I forget stress,
if only for a moment it reminds me of all the good things in life.
Reminds me that there will be another day.

A soundtrack to my life.

My music is always changing, moving from one genre to the next.
My music is always playing in the background
My music is always washing dishes, doing homework, brewing tea.
My music is always by my side like a loyal hound dog.

Music moves me like the never ending Orinoco flow.

From the radio, the internet, the friends who know me well,
the sounds they bring, the songs they sing, those notes that fling through the air create noise and passion, something beautiful to my ears.
All and any song can become my music. H. 2015

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