My (short) Story.

I am 20 years old, I served in the army for about 10 months before receiving a knee injuring that got me booted, or maybe I just wasn’t good enough. That was 11 months ago. I have been living with my grandparents since. I did manage to get engaged too, but that broke off. Before that I did fine in school, always loved cutting up with friends, listening to music and playing music. Video games helped me escape from reality when there wasn’t much to mine. My parents were divorced when I was at a young age, and my mother remarried about 2 years later. My father never remarried and lives with his parents, whom I have not seen in about  2 years now (I play video games with him when i get the chance which is nice). I lived with my mother and my step father, and they had my sister who is so very amazing (I would never tell her that myself). I was the black sheep to them, however. While at home I stayed in my room, played my instruments and my video games. I wasn’t always the happiest kid, and I didn’t really feel like I belonged with them. I did however manage to find so much of my love through various chat rooms and friends. Friends now that i’ve had for 6 years who are my family. Currently, I work for Starbucks, i’ve had my ears gauged, and now have this wonderful Eevee leg sleeve tattoo, and a full metal alchemist Oroboros on my chest. I’ve been there for the past 7 months, and even found myself a girlfriend who I love so much and always has my back. I’m even moving out soon with a few of those friends that are my family. Life is looking up after these past few years throwing me down for a few loops. The only real issue that keeps popping up to me is, not knowing where to go next. A feeling of being stuck. I want to leave Starbucks for something bigger, but every time I want to jump on one thing, another pulls me to it. So far I haven’t gone anywhere, and so many paths are available if I go for them. I’m just in that place of not knowing which one. I’ve talked with my friends, but not much help is given, I don’t think much can be. Big Choices. Ones that my 20 year old mind cannot make.