My Story

Music has become this weird drug that I’m addicted to. So bad that if I’m not around it I become racked with anxiety. It’s like the minute I ever picked up an instrument someone stuck an iv in my arm and started dripping feeding me these melodies that calmed me. I wasn’t scared anymore, I wasn’t anxious anymore, and I had this new found confidence. Then after a while I went numb. It was like someone took out that iv and replaced it with novocaine. I was fed up with life and how everyone and everything was treating me, so I was going to end it. Yes by that I mean suicide. I started cutting and got really depressed, but the worst thing about it was that no one was noticing, but by the slightest coincidence I heard the song Boulevard of Broken Dreams and yeah it’s ironically every teens anthem, but for me it was true because I was alone and no one was even willing to fight for me. I had been bullied at school and then I’d come home to hear my parents fighting and struggling to pay bills, the typical broken home. There was no escaping that black cloud that hung over my life. Till I found Green Day. I must’ve listened to BOBD a hundred times an then American Idiot and 21cb and so on till I had heard nearly every song by them. Listening to their music was like having Billie Joe himself tell me everything was going to be alright then putting that iv back in my arm. People don’t understand why I have such a profound respect for Green Day and until now I’ve never told anyone this story. But they were literally the only lifeline I had at a time where every one else had turned their back, and that’s why I’ll always love them and music.

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