My Story

A year ago, a friend called me “not a girl”. I didn’t understand the meaning behind it. All I understood was that I was angry, offended, and betrayed.

A few months after the incident, he apologized. No. Not directly. He is not a person who apologizes, but we’re okay now. I forgave him after months of hating him.

A few months from today, somebody criticized my writing. I took it pretty okay. Today, my friend told me that somebody commented on my message board, calling me “tranny whore”, and telling me to “cut off your d*ck”, “get some friends”, and “learn how to write”.

I don’t understand how people can be so cruel. I didn’t do anything to offend them. But, a song helped me feel better about myself.

I want to share B.A.P’s “Wake Me Up”. It’s really meaningful. Have a good day.

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