No One Is Here to Sleep

I spent the last few nights always the same way.
1) Get into the car.
2) Turn the music as loud as possible.
3) Stop thinking.
4) Drive as fast as I can.

You, were always faster than me
I’ll never catch up with you – with you
Oh I can feel them coming for me
And you, were always faster than me
I’ll never catch up with you – with you

This ritual was really relieving not only to stop thinking for a while, but also to just listen to music instead of voices telling me what to do. Our whole life is a competition. We compare ourselves to others to find out if we’re better or not and if not, we keep focusing on how bad we are.

The pressure of succeeding in life is horrible. We have to stick to the plan to be seen and noticed; otherwise we’re just weird. It’s the money on your bank account that is the most interesting part of you, not what you personally have to offer. It’s the internship during your summer break that will lead you into a successful career instead of having fun and just be human. If you have time to sit down a whole day and binge watch your favorite TV Series, you’re a lazy fool. Congratulations.

I’m not surprised that the numbers of Burnouts increase every year. We make ourselves sick by forgetting to be human. All this success and money isn’t worth nothing at the edge of glory. We all fear oblivion, but to what risk? That people won’t forget us, because we turned out the office lights every night? Oh give them a year and they won’t even remember your name.

I don’t want to spend my life ruled by the ordinary mind.
If I want to hop on a place and fly to Hawaii, I will.
If I want to drive along the sunrise to Paris, I will.
If I want to waste a day away binge watching, I will.
If I want to turn off my phone and not be available, I will.