Not all heroes wear capes…

Many people – seriously a LOT of people – kind of, if you will, make fun of me for my obsession with all these bands.  Okay, I understand, it is a little over the top obsessive, but there is a whole reason to it and that’s why i feel like sharing it here – many of the people here are probably in the same boat as i am.

Rewind 15 years ago and I still love music as much as i do now, hands down.  But, I loved it just for the sake of dancing and singing along with the Wiggles, or singing with mom in the radio, or showing off… whatever.

Back to present day.  I love music now for different reason – kind of a sad one – but pretty uplifting.

This past year, I have been back in to the swing of going to concerts.  I’ve finally put myself in the presence of people whom I love and admire, but connect only in the form of CDs, magazines, and YouTube.  Thank god for that.

I am currently a junior in high school who actually thinks she’s finally happy again after the struggle through my sophomore year.

Story Time!  When i was a freshman, my best friends were my band geeks.  They were also graduating that June.  I put myself in an extremely problematic situation.  So, when sophomore year rolled round, I was beyond the definition of depressed, I didn’t want to associate myself with anyone, and i pretty much hated my life and would have rather been dead at some points.

It get’s happy now, I promise.  Concurrently with this situation, I had been listening to Go Radio (a band my friend introduced to me that instantly became my favorite) and the magic they brought to their songs always put me in a good mood.

I saw them last November and everything Jason had said that night just made me so happy, happier than i had ever been since my friends left for college.

That spring, I went to spring fever tour.  It was a week after the Boston tragedy.  It made that night even more special than it was probably planned out to be.  Alex of ATL and Vic of PTV played their sets as rehearsed, but also shared stories that brought many to tears.  Stories about hope, perseverance, and love.  It was a game changer for me.

The other night at Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz was going on about individuality and strength.  When their new album came out, it reminded me how much I loved their music.  So the other night, being in their presence was absolutely amazing and i wish the night hadn’t passed so quickly.

While still I have not talked to them, let alone even shaken their hand, being in the arenas with them, listening to them as “normal people” is admiring.  Yes, they write music for entertainment.  But they are also there to make changes in the world.  Changes in individuals.  And I have been impacted greatly because of them.  Despite not ever meeting them, I personally can say I love them to death and I would do anything for them just as I know they would for their fans.

music saved me.