omfg another rant

long story short: music literally saved me.

it’s such a cliche type way of putting it and millions of other people say it but you don’t understand why they say it until they do.

I literally never heard any new music in the year 2009 – 2012 (the year, king of pop himself, passed away) and quite frankly, I’m not fond of some of the new music of today as much. I am, however, totally INLOVE with the1975 and everything they stand for (give or take) because they came into my life where I was going through hell & back. I have my down and bad days but when I first heard “chocolate” I was like, “hmm, this is new and different. who are they ?¿” and BAM!

the love of my life.

they mean so much to me and I really hope to meet the band one day and have a proper sit down chat and just say:

“thank you for being true to yourself, your fans and the music. thank you for expressing such personal songs and letting it become his/her personal song” etc etc.

I want to make sure that matty is eating well, drinking loads of water, taking good care of himself
george is being himself, getting loads of rest
adam, keep smiling. keeping being so fucking adorable and cute and asdfghjkl
& ross, you’re so mysterious, quite quiet and so incognito but I hope you’re happy. I hope you’re doing equally as well as the rest, continue buying leather jackets and comic books, video games etc.

I hope everyone who made the1975 possible is doing so well and is loving life right now bcos they’re so big. this isn’t even it. there is so much more to come and I am both, excited and nervous as fHUCK.

I saw them live this year (7th of march) and although, it was 4 years a bit late, it was SOOO worth it. the amount of thought they put into their songs, live sets, production – everything is so amazing and mind blowing.

thank you for saving me.


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