One-Year Anniversary


Oscar Wilde once said: “Art reveals more about the one who interprets the art than the artist herself” and while celebrating our one year anniversary, this couldn’t be more true.

Within the last year we collected some really great stories. We have no idea of where and whom they come from but that doesn’t matter because we don’t really think it’s important what your name, your age or your ethnicity is. The important fact of all these stories is that the people that shared those stories opened their hearts and gave other people the chance to get inspired with a new song they didn’t knew. They speak their minds, share experiences and express their own view of point. The songs turn into real life stories and people can connect with them. Listening to a song can take you back to a specific time and make you feel incredible happy or melancholic. As long as you let those emotions happen, you’ll be okay. Everyone has a story, share some inspiration, motivation and strength!

If you’re on the subway, you’ll see a lot of people listening to music. Have you ever wondered what they’re listening to and if there is a reason they listen to that song?

Have you ever had a song that you couldn’t stop listening for a whole week? All songs are written with a story and every one of us connects their own story to them.

But HOPE THROUGH MUSIC is not at the end of its journey. We’re still in a continuous process, we always carry this project in our hearts and have some huge plans for the future. The past year was filled with good and bad days, coffees, conversations, meet-ups, long walks and a lot of music. We hope we’ll be able to collect new stories and give people a space they can come to to find inspiration, not only in what others are listening to, but also motivation in keep going. We’re excited for this next and all the following years.

Thanks to you who reads this for taking the time for being a part in this. We really appreciate it.