Out of the Blue

Have you ever just cried out of the blue because you realise how much you love a band and their members and their albums and songs and everything about them and just how simply amazing they are. How you memorised everything there is to know about them, their faces, names, birthdays, personalities, even the little trivial things like their favourite colours. How you spent a lot of your time watching their interviews and videos, making dumb artsy things inspired by them and dedicated to them, and screaming excitedly over their photos for hours at a time, which proves just how truly consumed you are with them. How you’ve spent a lot of money to support them by going to concerts and buying albums and band merch and all that stuff, and how it’s all so worth it to you. Because you think about the countless times that they’ve alleviated your pain, made you feel loved when you think you’re all alone, how they made you change for the better and saved you from yourself. You think about how much you can relate to their songs, how earworm catchy yet deep and profound it is at the same time, and how it made you laugh, cry, hyped, excited, sing along, and feel alright—how it made your heart and soul feel a million emotions in general. You think about how they gave you something to be passionate about, how they motivate you and gave you a reason to fight back when you’re so close to giving up, how they made you want to continue living. You realise that they’ve done so much for you and you know that they’ll be a huge part of your life forever, and you just wish that you could let them know how much they actually meant to you. Because even though they’ll never really know you and you’re just another one of “those” fans, you know that they still care about you, even if indirectly, and you’re as important to them as they are to you. They’ve completely shaken up your world and your style and your perceptions and made your life a million times better and that’s why you love them so much that it physically hurts and fuck, it’s just so overwhelming.

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