We sometimes end up in situations we have no control over. We feel trapped, not knowing whether to go forwards or backwards. All we think about is how different our plans looked like. But these moments, these situations are our reminder that we are still alive, that we are still breathing. A reminder to still love unconditionally, not only ourselves, but also people around us. Loving and helping people is the least practices reward and yet so powerful to a single soul. Try it. Watch yourself grow. Grow to understanding that you do not need someone to make you happy, you need yourself. Not everyone might understand your soul, but the few who do, they see your smile, hear your laugh and notice your scars. These few understand the desire for more. They understand that your heart is filled with the smallest things.

Take a look around. Even when you feel trapped. There is much to celebrate and no room to shrink yourself. You are not damaged. You are living.

So come on now, open wide, open up now
Don’t you think it’s time