Paris King – Interview

We would like to introduce you to an extraordinary person – Paris King. Pink hair, pink eyeshadow and piercing blue eyes are the obvious characteristic, but inside a big heart for this world is beating. Paris King is about to release her debut single ‘My Addiction’ which was remixed by Soul Seekers.

What Paris King stands for? Empowerment. No fear of expressing yourself, but please find out more in our interview.


Hi Paris, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us. How are you today and would you mind telling us a little bit about you?

Im Spectacular thank you! haha! My name is Paris King, Im a London born singer/ songwriter and producer and I am a fierce drag queen, Although they say self praise is no praise so i’ll let you guys be the judge of that!! my instagram is @pariskingonline lol

Can you remember the first memory you have that is connected to music?

There are so many but I remember being In Love with the girl group Eternal and their track “power of a woman” perhaps a sign of things to come! lol

Do you have a favourite band or artist you can’t stop listening to?

Not really my musical taste is so varied it changes constantly. So its hard to say. Tina Turners earlier stuff is always on a playlist though!

The mission of our website is bringing people together with the power of music and letting them share a story to a song that helped them through a tough time. Is there a specific song that helped you through a rough time?

Yes, my father died suddenly 5 years ago and song that I would often listen to at the time was Christina Aguilera “Hurt” an amazing song that seemed to resonate with what I was feeling.

In your opinion, what makes music unique? What is the difference to other artistic expressions?

Well personally I find music to be more about the listener and how it fits into whats happening with them.Which is unique because I think a lot of other artistic expression is about people trying to tune to the artist. Music is more freeing I think.

People have very different views about the power of music, but do you believe yourself that music has the ability to save a life?

I believe that music can evoke a feeling of survival in anybody and that in itself will make you look at life in a more positive way and that could easily save a life.

Is there anything you’d like to say to people who are struggling at the moment?

Yes.I would like to say that It always gets better. No matter what you are going through you will get through it and it will get better. I heard someone say the other day about worry ” theres no point in worry, because you could potentially suffer twice” and that resonates so much with me. Life is worth living!

Thank you so much again!

No problem! Thank you! xx


We hope you loved this interview as much as we do! We would like to encourage you to check out Paris King’s music and listen to it closely. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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