Lesson at its Finest

Lesson at its Finest is a melodic-hardcore-band from Rastatt, Germany formed in June 2013. The band consists of Daniel P. (Vocals), Sebastian S. (Lead-guitar/Clean-Vocals), Pascal S (Rhytm-Guitar), Marvin K (Bass) and Joschka J. (Drums). LAIF sounds like a mix of The Ghost Inside, Stick To Your Guns, Parkway Drive, Attila and Miss May I. You can listen to their debut song “Discovering” here!

Shay Esposito

Shay Esposito is a young artist who, through her music, and experience is actively making a difference in the lives of other teens suffering with mental health issues. Shay’s struggles with depression and anxiety began at the age of 12. She struggled and fought to overcome her illness and now speaks to teens and educators telling her story of perseverance and triumph over youth mental health.


SICKNATURE-Clothing is a traditional skate- and streetstylelabel from Hamburg, Germany.


A Survivor’s Story in Scenes & Songs is an alt-rock stage musical that tells the story of Dayna Clay, a 27-year-old rock star struggling with clinical depression, thoughts of suicide, and post-traumatic stress in the wake of childhood sexual abuse. Adapted from Paul McComas’ acclaimed novel Unplugged by the author and Maya Kuper, the show chronicles Dayna‚Äôs bumpy journey to self-discovery, hope, and healing. Learn more at

Get in touch with us

If you want to coperate with us by wearing our shirts or spreading stickers at concerts. Feel free to contact us anytime!