Pat the Bunny

I haven’t been all that interested in the anarchopunk/folk punk scene (despite being in a somewhat punky folk band myself) for a while now, and I haven’t sat down to listen to any of Pat the Bunny’s music for about a year now (mainly because of memories it brings back), but sitting here now, listening to it knowing that he’s done and it’s all done is very, very weird.

Just like everyone else, Pat’s music fucking saved me in high school. His solo projects made me feel like someone understood how I felt and Ramshackle Glory’s “Live the Dream” made me feel like I could get better, and inspired me to get better.

I was lucky enough to meet Pat several times and have him even learn my face and recognize me at shows. He helped me write a research paper about anarchism when I was 16 and he was an “outside expert” for my senior project (which revolved around the question of why capitalism as we practice it today is an immoral practice). He personally helped me so much and I’m forever thankful for that and his friendship.

Here I am now at 20 still not doing very well and still struggling every single day but there’s still something about any of Pat’s music that will push me forward, even if it’s just a little bit.

I’m glad he’s doing what he feels is right for him and I hope he finds happiness in everything he does in the future.