Please Read

“Cry myself to sleep at night, swear I been to hell and back
Loaded up that gun I bought, withdrew everything I had
Put it all in envelopes, had it sitting in my hand
Wrote my mama letter, and apologized for suicide
I been on a mission that they talk about but few will try
Had my finger on the trigger, would have left it all behind
And lyrics popped into my head, maybe music saved my life
Maybe music saved my life” -unknow

Music understands
But the people don’t
What about the people who wrote
We live in a broken society
People can’t trust people
And songs can cure minds
But does the next generation get a say
They aren’t the ones to blame
Simply we are, we put the bad in there brains and make them go insane
Can we fix the broken or hurt the hoping
So listen up people save the ones you know or the ones around you
They need it more from you
Text the one that will keep you close not the one that will leave you broke
People need to trust people
It may be hard but who’s the retard
We all have problems that need fixing but if we can’t trust each other than whats the point of living
Don’t talk about suicide like its all you got
People who don’t have homes barely any food live life because they believe in something great
Weather its God or people in your life
Live and Live and Live some more
Everyone has dark days I myself can’t complain
But why do you go insane…?