Premiere: Anita Nicole – Unfamous

According to Social Media Today, we spent an average of 35 minutes each day on Facebook, 25 minutes on Snapchat, 15 minutes on Instagram and about 1 minute on Twitter. The most time a day is spend on YouTube with 40 Minutes.

With being able to connect to the world online 24/7 also increases the pressure to not miss anything and always being available. Our smartphones are constantly in our hands whether to check emails, Facebook messengers or someone liked our latest picture on Instagram. A virtual social reality changed not only our daily life, but also our daily communication.

In order to share an important message about social media, Anita Nicole took 20 minutes to write a song to tell people that it is okay to not be the most famous on social media. Anita herself lives in North West London and is a young singer/songwriter and producer. She finds her inspiration in the music of Tracy Chapman or Ed Sheeran. To pursuit her dream for becoming a professional musician, she enrolled in Sylvia Young theatre school on the weekends. Afterwards, she enrolled at The BRIT School where she recently graduated. She says about her upcoming song Unfamous: “It is about my generations obsession with fame and people longing to be famous just for fames sake.”

We can only congratulate Anita Nicole on her debut single “Unfamous” which will be release 21st July 2017.

Anita Nicole’s Social Media Accounts are: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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