Rant #1289

Music is so special and important. Really though, have you ever thought about what this world would be like without music? Not everyone snowboards, not everyone is in theater, not everyone paints, not everyone is into chess, not everyone enjoys running or sports, BUT MUSIC? EVERYONE listens to music!

Music brings EVERYONE together! It’s so powerful. A lot of people wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for music. Music is something way different.. Music can touch you. Music can make you feel what its lyrics are speaking. It can tear your heart out just from a single line, or your favorite part when the guitar comes in or when it all just comes together and explodes with the drums. Music. Is. Everything. Music saves lives! Everyone can relate to music. Music makes you want to live, its some peoples life support. One if the best feelings in the entire world is going to concert.

All those years of listening to that band in your room, or walking around outside. Listening to that band that made you feel something when you felt nothing. The band who made you not give up. The band who made you feel like the songs they wrote were specifically for or about you, and there they are. Standing in front of you, the band who got you through your darkest times. You look around, and everyone in that crowded room is there for the same reason you are. For the love of that band you so intensely love. Music helps you find YOUR PEOPLE. Those songs sounded so good through those headphones or through the speakers of your computer or car, but nothing has prepared you for how it’ll sound and FEEL in this moment right now. Surrounded by all those people who are there for the same reasons you are. The atmosphere, the lights, the feeling. The feeling when the amp is so loud it vibrates your chest and you can feel the bass drum in sync with your pulse. The feeling of waiting for the opening bands to finish so you can see the band you went to the gig to see. The feeling of watching them walk out. You go home in a daze, and it’s as if reality is nonexistent. It was nonexistent the second you made your way to the gig. There is no reality. It’s just you, the crowd, the band, and a tidal wave of feelings. GAH! I CAN’T BEGIN TO EXPLAIN HOW MUCH I LOVE MUSIC AND HOW POWERFUL MUSIC IS. NOTHING CAN COMPARE TO MUSIC!!!

There is a song for everyone! There is a song for everything! Playing music is a whole different story. Your instrument becomes a part of you. You express what’s inside through your instrument. There’s no need for words. Music is THAT powerful. Those sleepless nights when nobody is there, but music is. When you’re trying to get over someone or something and it feels like nobody understands, but music is there. When words fail, music speaks. When people fail, music is there. You could put on a song from years ago and it’ll take you back to that memory and give you all those same feelings you once had when you first heard that song. Music can remind of you people. Music can remind you of places. Music can make you flashback to good or bad times. Music is a time machine. MUSIC IS EVERYTHING!!!!