Shay Esposito: Interview

Shay Esposito is an exceptional pop artist who doesn’t hold back in telling the truth with her music. She recently graduated from high school and focuses now on traveling throughout Canada to raise awareness to mental health and to work on her upcoming EP. Music has always played a big part of Shay’s life. She sang Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” at the age of 2 1/2 to get a 4RCM certification, she joined a progressive metal band at 14 and she is now on her way to be a known solo artist. Her international recognition rose as a finalist in the UK Song Writing Competition and as semi finalist in the International Song Writing Competition.

We want to take this chance to let you know a bit more about Shay:

Can you remember the first memory you have that is connected to music?

My first music related memory is the first group class I ever took when I was three years old. I don’t remember much of what we did, but I remember going every week and loving it. I met a friend there that I still have to this day.

2) Do you have a favourite band or artist you can’t stop listening?

Right now, Lana Del Ray, but it changes frequently. I get into obsessive stages over bands or artists that usually last long enough to memorize most of their songs and then I move on to someone new.

3) Is there a specific song that helped you through a rough time?

There were many different songs for many different reasons so that’s a hard question. A specific band though would be La Dispute. They had entire albums that helped me through my toughest times.

4) What would you say makes music unique?

Music is unique for its ability to completely change someone’s mindset in a matter of minutes. In my life, it’s the single most persuasive factor when it comes to my mood.

5) Do you believe yourself that music has the ability to save a life or does it need more?

I believe that music has the power to open the possibility of change. It can’t permanently change your point of view, but it can change it long enough for you to decide to permanently change it. It’s still up to the individual to accept this new mindset and decide to help themselves, but music can play a large role in that decision.

6) Is there anything you’d like to say to those who are struggling at the moment?

There’s a lot that I’d like to say, but to sum it up, there comes a point in your suffering when you need to make a decision if you ever want to get out of that dark place. You need to consciously decide that it’s time to start living for yourself and putting yourself and emotional well-being above all else. Do what you love and allow yourself to be happy with how things are – even if just for a moment – or change them. It’s your life so live it for yourself. The choice is yours.


We’d like to thank Shay for taking the time and answering our questions and for partnering with us in this journey!