Simple Plan

Yesterday was one of the best nights of my entire life. I’ve been waiting for so many years and finally the night came. Yesterday I saw my favorite band in concert. I went to Simple Plan’s concert in Madrid with my best friend. They played my favorites songs ( I cried in some of them tbh) and I even touched Pierre Bouvier, literally I was a few steps from the stage.
I don’t think no one will ever know how much does their music mean to me, how they have been with me in the rough times when no one else was, how many hours I’ve spent listening to their music in my room by my own and feeling like I belonged somewhere or how much time I’ve been saving money to get some of their meaningful lyrics tattooed. Like one of my favorites songs says “I was broken, I was chocking, I was lost, this song saved my life. I was bleeding, stopped believing, could’ve died, this song saved my life.” This band helped me to get through so many things and yesterday’s night I finally got to see my favorite band playing live.
Thank you Simple Plan❤