So I was having a super deep conversation with my little sister last night, and she was talking about how much she loved this certain singer and how their music saved her life and helped her get through so much. She proceeded to tell me about how some people don’t get that and they think it’s dumb. 

Fast forward to this afternoon, I was driving and listening to Car Radio and thinking about how I listened to it non-stop during this one point in life. I thought about what she said, and put it this way:

When you’re going through something hard, you feel like you’re the only one out there who is dealing with this. You feel alone. And no one understands. When you hear certain songs, you listen to the lyrics and realize someone out there, whether or not you know them personally, is dealing, or has dealt with the same thing. Someone out there understands. Somewhere out there has gotten through the same situation. And it just makes you feel less alone, and you feel a connection to them.

I think that’s where people come from when you hear someone say, “Music saved my life.”