Songs to Recovery #3

Sometimes we think we are irreparably hurt. We wake up to the numb feeling that nothing has changed to the day before. Lying in bed while washing the last tears away not knowing whether exhaustion will hit or another sleepless night is ahead.

There is a lot of criticism and people saying things that are not true. Please do never stop sharing your stories because people might think they are not true. By sharing, we are not looking for some sort of pity or approval of someone, we share because we all need people and because mental health is real.

We all get hit by life whether we see it coming or not. We all lose sometimes and do not know how to get back on our feet. When your darkest days are coming, we want you to know that you are not alone. People and your head will tell you to stay quiet, but please know that these voices are a lie.

Help is real, people need other people and you can find these things every day.

Reality will break your heart
Survival will not be the hardest part
It’s keeping all your hopes alive
When all the rest of you has died
So let it break your heart

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