the few, the proud, the emotional

people may think we’re too emotional about what happened in america, but we’re not. we are the good hearted people who can realistically see what’s going on whether it’s the same country or not. we are allowed to be angry, sad or hysterical. electing a president who is sexist, racist, homophobic, uneducated and tons of other things is just wrong. this is not what or who my generation stands for. this is not a meme or joke anymore. we have a right to be scared about what our future looks like.
this election has shown what people really think and it wouldn’t look a lot different in other countries. my heart is broken with every single person who believes in a difference. my heart is broken with every single woman who has been sexually assaulted. my heart is broken with every single person who is part of the lgbtq community and my heart is broken with every single person who just believed in a better world.
with this day i will work harder than ever for the things i believe in, because that is the only way to minimize hate as how can you sleep in a time like this? we will fight harder than ever for what is right, because fear will lose and peace will win.
i once was a little girl with a dream in my heart while i am a big girl now and closer than ever to my dream and i won’t let people ruin this. we can’t control other people but we can still try to be a positive example in how to be a good hearted person. the world needs that more than ever. i am holding my heart out and maybe you are too.