How to Save a Life

I work as an EMT in Germany. I am doing this for al least 3 years now and I couldn’t imagine a better job than that. But there was one happening that i will probably remind forever.

Alerted with the catchword senseless child. The adreanlin was pumping through our bodies. My collegue was the driver for the day so we drived as fast as we could to the adress. We found a 13 year old boy reanimated by his mother. We started immediately to support the mother and to get the situation under control. Our electrocardiogram showed us that their was no heart activities. Even in this unwinnable situation we decided to go on and to do everything in our power. As our doctor arrived everthing was done: vein acess, drugs, intubation, defibrillation…
And as we were working i had the feeling that i had listened music. Than i realized the computer in the room was on and a internet radio station was opened. But in that Moment i didn’t care. The Mother of the guy stood up and closed the program.

So finally we got heart activities and brought the child to our ambulance. The circulation was bad and my collegue drived as fast as he could to the hospital. As we arrived the heart of that little boy stopped again but we couldn’t start it again. He died that day.
We had done our best but we couldn’t save him. I think i will always remind that day. My collegue and i talked a long time. He asked me if i saw the computer and remind the music. I had to deny that. He said that as the mother closed the program he could read the final titel. It was the fray – how to save a life.

What an irony.

If I listened to that song today sometimes it brings tears to my eyes.
I like my job but it’s deadly to let cruel scenes you’ve seen in your private life. You have to let them in your work place. I have to admit that we have such scenes not every time. Sometimes i get the feeling we are a costless Taxi. On the other hand we have days like these. That a memories you carry probably your whole life with you. Sometimes that’s quite said but i am convinced now that even this memories are making me a stronger person.