“And I thought about how many people have loved those songs. And how many people got through a lot of bad times because of those songs. And how many people enjoyed good times with those songs. And how much those songs really mean. I think it would be great to have written one of those songs. I bet if I wrote one of them, I would be very proud. I hope the people who wrote those songs are happy. I hope they feel it’s enough. I really do because they’ve made me happy. And I’m only one person.” – Stephen Chbosky, Author of The Perks of Being a Wallflower

We are grateful you’re reading this, because it means that you’re still alive. Alive in a time in which kids get bullied not only in school, but also on the internet. Times in which 800.000 people die by suicide each year. Suicides sometimes caused by depression, a topic society still doesn’t talk about.

We, AK and Flo, created “Hope Through Music” as a safe place for those struggling with life. We know that it can be tough from time to time and we need people to fix us, people to talk to and people who encourage us to keep going. It can get pretty intense and sometimes our families and friends aren’t able to help us or we don’t want them to know. That’s when we reach out to music; it speaks about things we can’t talk about or it makes us feel better in the most honest way.


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Sometimes it’s one specific song that we keep listening to over and over again that helps us. One song that makes us cry, scream or heals us. Lyrics sung with words we are afraid to speak out loud.. This one song that helped someone might be able to help someone else too. Isn’t it fascinating how society doesn’t talk about things, but thousands of people sing out during a sold out concert? We created stories with those songs, stories full of hope. A story that might be able to help others too. We believe in the good and that the world can be a better place if we just keep telling real stories about real people.

Communication is one of the most important things in life and music is a language everybody speaks. By sharing your story to a song that helped you will not only represent hope to others, but also make you feel better by connecting to people who have felt the same.

Please know that we’re not specifically looking for stories about bad things that happened to wonderful people. We’re open to any kind of story. We all have songs we connect to a ride with our best friends during a sunset. We all have a song we listened to our first or last day of school. We are here, open to any kind of story, because every story is worth listening to and inspiring and whether you visit our website to share your own personal story or just to read the story of somebody else, all we want at the end of the day is letting you know that you’re not alone. And to whoever reads this, you are a brave person, because you didn’t give up.

We are grateful you read all of this, because it means all we have left to say is: