The people behind Hope Through Music: AK

My story began when I was only four years old, because sometimes things are done to kids which shouldn’t. It didn’t get better when I started going to school. In secondary school I was not only bullied with words, I got beaten up and strangled till I fainted.

I kind of never fitted in. I listened to different music than other kids. I dressed  differently and the worst part – I got better grades. Reflecting to that time, I think if it wasn’t for the music I listened to and loved with my full heart, I don’t know  how I should have fought this. It was the home I liked to come home to. It was the reason I found amazing friends and hope that it will get better.

I don’t even know myself at all,
I thought I would be happy by now.
The more I try to push it I realize,
Gotta let go of control.

See, life isn’t easy. It never was and it never will be. Friends die, things don’t work out, loved ones leave.. The idea of this website came in a time where all I knew was running to and from work. Leaving my head at the entrance and picking it up again for my way home. Again, music was there to help me through the day, giving me something to look forward to. It was the spark that kept me going. I kind of know a thing or two about pain and the darkness that comes with it. I know how scary it is to share real emotions with people or the internet. Honestly, I am scared as hell about this project, but it is our attempt to show people that things change.

Gotta let it happen,
Gotta let it happen.
Gotta let it happen,
So let it happen.

It’s okay to struggle in life. We all do and we all will. We’re all broken people, but let us all come together and sing to the sky! Let music and people catch you while you fall. You’ll stand on your own two feet soon enough. I could try and hate the past and the people, but I am sitting here today with all this love and hope inside me, not only for the people around me, but for everyone, because who you are today also relies on your past. You’ll rise in the mourning.