The power of music.

Some people just don’t understand the power of music. Some people laugh when they hear that music saved someone’s laugh. Some people say that music is just people saying words to a catchy beat. Some people don’t understand how meaningful music is. Some people don’t really listen to those people saying words to that catchy beat. Some people don’t open themselves up to the other people and world around them.

Music, to me, has always been a way to escape. Whenever I’m stressed out because of school, tired from working out, or just feeling under the weather, putting on a good song can immediately lift my spirits, make me feel more jovial, kind-hearted, and all around just… Better. And since there are so many different kinds of music and music genres, it’s easy to see where some confusion can come from. While some may think country as their favorite, others will hate it and prefer some pop. Rock might not be to someone’s liking and they’d rather listen to smooth jazz. Since I’m not a huge fan of country myself, I wouldn’t really understand how that kind of music would help someone. Though when others look at my taste in music, they would probably think the same.

Music has been scientifically proven in cases to calm the minds or many and even change the way their heart beats and the way their brains think. That in itself is pretty stunning. But the physical things a good song can do to you cannot even compare to the things it can do to you mentally. Have you ever heard a song that made you want a cry? How about a song that just made you want to get up and dance? Can you think of a song that just rattled your bones and left you shocked? I bet you that you can. Music can make us really feel. Excited, happy, sad, relaxed, angry, confused, infatuated, motivated, lazy; almost any emotion under the sun can coarse through your veins and meld as some kind of insane soup in your head because of one song. Nothing else can make a person feel this way except for music. Personally, the most important thing, at least for me, is the emotional and physical connections one can gain from the music of others.

A good friend of mine sent me a playlist of almost a hundred of his favorite songs. I was ecstatic because both him and I have a very similar taste in music. After every song played, I felt like I knew him better, like I just discovered a piece about him that I never knew about before that little four minute song. After I showed him some songs I really loved, I saw that a few of them showed up on his playlist a couple days later. To know that I made a impact on his music choices was astounding; because when people listen to music, they put their whole body, mind and soul into the sounds pumping through them. People sometimes only find comfort in music, and knowing that he enjoyed this music, these emotions and these feelings, as much as I did… That’s how truly great friends and bonds are made. Some people don’t get the chance to feel those bonds. Some people shut themselves down when the option comes around. Some people rather stay in their box of a world. Some people prefer not to listen to the millions of different heartbeats in the earth.

Some people just don’t understand the power of music.