The story of Bailey Dunbar

My name is Bailey Dunbar, I am 14 years old and I am a twinless twin. June 27 2014 change my life and world forever. This is the day my parents and I came home to find my identical twin sister had end her life. She was bullied and cyber bullied which lead to her depression, eating disorder, self harm and the end of her life. Since that day I have fought my own demons.

I battle through depression, anxiety, OCD and live with PTSD everyday. All while being on the Autism Spectrum.tried different therapists before I found one I like because of her focus on the Arts which I am happy to say I am 8 months clean of self harm because I found my calling! You see my therapy is my dancing!

Music has always been a part of my life. Morgan and I took vocal, piano, violin lessons, played in the school band and always had music playing in our home. Now I also write about artists for Starlight Music Chronicles yet another form of therapy. My struggle is an everyday thing and some days are harder then others but I am a survivor. My family and I created Morgan’s Mission in hopes of creating change and until it is done I will continue to do awareness videos on mental health and suicide and I will continue to dance!

I AM a suicide survivor! We are all survivors and I am Perfectly Trying to Survive Devastation (PTSD)