The Unexpected

Hope Through Music has been part of our life for about three years now and to this day, we believe in it like never before. We do not have to mention how scary this world can be sometimes, but we all can make a difference by caring about each other, by listening to each other but most importantly be kind to one another.

We all caught ourselves running through life without looking left or right, but by taking a look around, we might get a new perspective. Our personal perspectives changed especially in the last few weeks when more and more people started to notice our little website and every single visit, every single tumblr conversation and every single tweet means the world to us. Suddenly, we were able to be allowed to interview musicians which are important to us personally and we were able to share their music and story with the world. I’m not going to lie and say 2017 has been an easy year, so far it was one of the most challenging for myself (AK), but by taking small steps, I know things will turn out alright. 2017 has been the year of fighting and stepping up for what is right. Did I know how to do this? – No. Did I know what will happen? -No. Was it scary? – Yes. Was it worth it? – I don’t know, but I would do it over again if it means understanding who I am as a person and what I stand for.

Besides the fight, unexpected things happened like last night. A tumblr conversation changed into something which we are still struggling to find words for. It showed that love and kindness are still the most powerful weapons and unity still exists. We truly believe that we all believe in something bigger than ourselves and for the most people visiting this website, it is music and music will forever be our safe haven.


Thank you to every single person who contributed to Hope Through Music over the last three years and thank you to all who come here to read. We hope you find what you are looking for, but most importantly, we hope you all know that we are here to listen.

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