This years’ end

Before this year comes to an end and we start 2016 with a new design, we want to take a moment and pause. When Flo and I met on the internet 12 years ago, little did we know that it would be the internet that leads us to this point. 2015 has been our year of change, big moments, new amazing people, but also bad days. It has been a year lived.

But today is also a day a lot of people waited for. Tonight means a fresh start. A new beginning. New hopes and dreams. Aching for change. New Year’s resolutions are made, but can waiting for a New Year ever be enough? Will it all change overnight? Probably not, but the idea sounds easy enough.

For some it was the best year they’ve ever had and some couldn’t wait for its ending. No matter what you’ve been through this past year or still going through, we couldn’t be prouder. People tend to be romantic about new beginnings, but you’re still you and that’s the beauty of it. Sometimes we say too much and sometimes nothing at all. We regret a reckless text message or pretend not to care while exploding inside, but at the end we’re all human. We all shake hands with our doubts and fears. Fears of the past, present and future, but the thing that keeps us awake is hope.

There will be many more time we see our dreams shattered, we end up frustrated and that’s okay. It’s okay to feel that the world is too much sometimes. It’s okay to take a break and see life not as a contest. So if you should suck at New Year’s Eve like we do, feel free to joins us on the couch. In some ways we’re there with you tonight, because distance doesn’t matter as long as the hearts are big enough.

May your upcoming year be filled with surprises, magic, people, books, movies, music and most importantly – life.

Happy New Year y’all! See you tomorrow.