Those Days

There are just those days. Those days where everything gets to be too much. You can’t turn the music up loud enough to block out the voices in your head trying to tell you what you need to do, what is wrong with you and what you have to do to fix it. But it’s all so jumbled up you can’t even make out a single word. They are all merging together. Drowning out every coherent thought. Making you feel this whirlwind of emotions that you just can’t get a hold of. You feel helpless. Closed off to the rest of the world. Alone. You just want it to stop. So you close your eyes, hoping to find solace in the peace and quiet of your sacred place only to be agonized by the images flashing behind your closed eyelids. Those are the days where nothing seems to help. When you’re not sure how to stop the screams in your head, the constant streak of pictures haunting you, the empty feeling in your heart, the not knowing what comes next and whether or not it’s going to stop. When our minds are shamelessly overstimulated and we are left to wonder. Those are the days we are at our most vulnerable. The days we are so raw that everything could make us break. The days that make us feel way too much. The days that prove we’re human. That we feel and ultimately that we’re alive. So don’t let those days destroy you. Those days are crucial for becoming who you are and should therefore always be cherished. Those days are the reason you are.


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